Thank you Santa Cruz…

For the third year in a row Lifespan has been voted runner-up for the 2019 Good Times Best of Senior Home Care award. Lifespan is the ONLY home care and care management agency in Santa Cruz County and has been for 36 years, making us a unique and sought out option. Lifespan prides themselves in being an agency who has nurses and social workers providing top notch care and oversight to all of our clients and supervision to our outstanding care giving team. This model allows clients to receive high level care and attention to their physical and mental needs. This year we’d like to acknowledge our care management team and the passion they bring to the community we serve.

Our Mission

Lifespan is a comprehensive aging care management agency dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective care. We strive to maximize the health, safety, comfort, and independence of aging persons within our community.  

Enhancing Life, Finding Joy

We’re HIRING Personal Assistants

Our Personal Assistants (PA's) help aging persons with life activities that younger people often take for granted.  These specialized services assist with hobbies, social outings, home organization, escort to physician appointments and bill-paying.  Assistance with arranging home repairs, care of pets, gardening, learning to use smart phones and computers, and fitness activities have also been helpful to our clients.  

This program is growing at an exponential rate and we nee to hire additional PA's to increase and enhance our services.  Please click here to fill out an application.


“Rave reviews to Lifespan, especially to my Care Manager and Personal Assistant.
Wow! They are both amazingly compassionate, efficient, great communicators,
fast, funny ... all the adjectives that I love.”

Bonnie B., Former Client

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your stellar customer service during my father's time of need. His hospitalization  occurred without warning and I found myself scrambling for after care resources.  Lifespan was one of a half dozen offerings I contacted, yet you were the quickest responder to my needs.  You reached out by phone and email, offering a compassion not felt by other later responders.  You were quick to provide services that may apply to my father's situation and explain in detail so I could envision the big picture.  You sent me pricing information and a contract quickly so I could review and you were extremely responsive to my follow-up questions. All of these actions helped me emotionally to feel like I was not alone in my father's plight.

- Lori W